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Online Speech Therapy For Adults

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  • With our online speech therapy for adults, we offer a complete range of speech and language assessment, therapy, caregiver coaching and consultation services. If your concern is not listed below please call for further information.
  • Assessment, therapy and consultation services en Français or in English on your schedule.
  • Services are delivered using a secure virtual platform and include frequent updates on progress as well as strategies and home practice.


Aphasia can occur for a variety of reasons including stroke, brain injury and dementia. Symptoms vary in severity and can affect a person's ability to communicate. People with aphasia may have difficulty using words, finding words, understanding what is said to them or holding a conversation. 

Individuals with aphasia may experience both receptive (understanding) and expressive (speaking) language difficulties. These difficulties can also affect reading, writing and other forms of communication.

We work with you and your loved ones to assess the challenges that you are facing, and design goals and methods to help support, restore, and enhance communication skills. 


Accent Modification 

With the world evolving to be more global, we are lucky to hear a variety of accents in our day-to-day environments. However, some individuals find that their personal accents can make it difficult to have conversations with other people or to be understood. This can lead to frustration, workplace challenges, and more.


You may find that people sometimes pay more attention to your accent than your message. Some people decide to take steps to change their accent to help address these challenges. Our virtual platform and trained professionals make it easy to work on modifying your accent from the comfort of your home. We help identify which sounds, intonation patterns, etc. will make your speech easier to understand and work with you so that you feel more confident communicating in any situation. 

Cognitive Communication Challenges

Difficulties with cognitive communication are caused by damage to the brain that affects an individual's ability to think, plan and communicate. Possible causes include brain injury, stroke, and various forms of dementia. Individuals may find it difficult to plan, execute and participate in day to day tasks including work and social activities. They may not understand humour or indirect language or behave in an impulsive manner. Speech-Language Pathologists can help individuals facing these difficulties to participate more completely in their day to day lives and to work on ways to compensate for their challenges. 

And more

Our team also helps to support adults who are living with ASD, articulation challenges, stuttering, and many other forms of communication difficulties. The trained professionals at Virtual Speech Therapy Ontario have a broad skillset and many years of experience. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you or your family member with our online speech therapy.


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