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About Us

Unlock the power of communication for yourself or your child or family member with our online speech therapy services. Gain insights into your unique communication needs and abilities, empowering you to navigate your journey with confidence. Amidst the overwhelming sea of online advice, our tailored services ensure you receive personalized guidance that resonates with your specific situation. Embrace a newfound understanding of your communication skills, supported every step of the way.

Why Choose Virtual Speech Ontario?

  • Certified and trained clinicians

  • Trusted by 1000's of clients

  • Covered by many health benefits plans

  • Easy, convenient, comfortable, tailored to your needs specifically

  • Personable clinicians who care and are focused on understanding your needs and providing actionable steps that really help

Virtual Speech Therapy Services

Our virtual speech therapy and assessment services are delivered directly to you using our secure online platform to let you stay safely in your home and schedule appointments that work for your family. 

Client-Centred Therapy Sessions

Our client-centred philosophy means that we set goals in consultation with you and your loved ones to ensure that our services best fit your needs.

High-quality Service

We strive to make our virtual therapy flexible, engaging and functional and to make it an experience that our clients enjoy while achieving their therapy goals.

Caregiver involvement

Parents and caregivers are provided with strategies for use at home and recommendations for techniques to use with their child or family member. Family is updated regularly about progress and goals throughout the treatment process. We work with you to make a schedule that fits your needs.

Our online speech therapy services are covered by many private insurance companies. Your existing coverage likely includes virtual speech therapy!

Call us at (613) 219-6197 or email to get started today.


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