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Speech Therapy Locations Ontario - Online Speech Services

Are you looking for speech therapy services in Ontario? You've come to the right place. Our team offers the full range of speech and language therapy via virtual platform. Our sessions are secure, easy, and effective at helping you improve your communicative abilities. There's no need to commute to your appointment, spending time in traffic, or waiting in the waiting room. We'll be able to take care of you at our scheduled appointment time without any inconvenience. 

Our team works all around Ontario as we are registered with CASLPO and licensed to provide speech therapy services all around the province. While we don't have physical offices in many cities in Ontario, we do have patients all over the place and are happy to provide effective, and tailored treatment for all individual challenges. 

Here are a few of the locations where we service patients:

Our team works with children and adults and some of the challenges that we help our patients overcome include aphasia, motor speech delay, articulation, voice therapy, accent modification, autism spectrum disorder, and much more. We have been trusted by hundreds of patients in Ontario over the last few years and are happy to be providing an effective service that makes a real positive difference in peoples lives. 

Book your initial consultation to get to know our team and how we can help you with whatever challenge you may be facing. 

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