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Speech Therapy London ON - Online Speech Services

Do you need online speech therapy in London? We have Ontario Registered Speech-Language Pathologists who provide speech therapy services all across the province. If you’re looking for a speech pathologist that is close to where you live, contact us now to speak to one of our clinicians offering services London or the surrounding area. 


Our speech therapists in London can help improve communication for a wide range of speech-related challenges including:

  • Aphasia

  • Motor speech delay

  • Articulation

  • Accent modification

  • Phonological delays

  • Social language

  • Voice therapy


And any other challenge you or your child may be facing. 


Our experienced clinicians are dedicated to helping adults as well as children overcome speech and communication challenges.

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London Online Speech Therapy for Children


Our speech therapy services cover the full scope of speech-related needs for both children and adults. Some of these services include language assessment, therapy, caregiver coaching, and consultation services to adults and caregivers. 


Our children's speech therapy sessions are tailored to your child, and we come up with strategies to improve communicative abilities and provide guidance on at-home exercises to help improve more quickly. 


Children benefit from early intervention of speech-related challenges. The sooner therapy begins, the sooner we can help improve your child’s communicative abilities. 


Some common children’s speech challenges include language delay, autism, and social language, articulation, motor speech, phonological delays, stuttering, and so much more. 


Online Speech Therapy for Adults in London ON


People seek out speech therapy for various reasons and stemming from multiple causes. Whether it is due to a recent brain injury, a move from a country with a different dialect, or the desire to improve communicative abilities at work, we can help. Our clinicians help people with accent modification, stuttering, voice therapy, cognitive-communication challenges, and much more. 


Our speech-language pathologists in London offer complete language assessment, therapy, and caregiver coaching. If you, or someone you know can benefit from adult speech therapy in London, we can help improve all communicative challenges. 


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Secure Virtual Therapy


Our team uses a secure virtual platform and will provide guidance on setting things up if you need. All you need is a camera and a reasonably stable internet connection. 


Online speech therapy is equally effective as in-person therapy, and it allows you to save time on commuting to your speech-therapists clinic. With the help of our CASLPO registered speech-language pathologists, you can improve your communication abilities from the comfort of your own home. 


At Virtual Speech Ontario, we are licensed and registered to provide speech therapy services all across the province. Call us today or fill out the contact form to speak to your local speech therapist in London Ontario.

When is the best time for speech therapy?


Speech therapy is often most helpful with early intervention. We work with both children and adults, and every case is different. Children’s speech therapy works best by identifying communicative challenges early and implementing strategies and practice early in life. That way, your child may spend less time practicing challenging speech habits, and will have an opportunity to correct them quicker. This may cut down on the time spent in speech therapy throughout childhood. 


For adults, the reasons for speech therapy may be very different. Of course, after an injury that affects speech, you may find it beneficial to begin working on speech therapy early on so that you can begin to use strategies as soon as possible. 


How do you know if your child needs speech therapy?


While each child learns at different rates, children generally reach specific communicative milestones within certain age ranges. If you’re noticing some delays in your child's ability to understand and to communicate as effectively as most children their age, then it may be worth speaking to an SLP to determine where they are in their communicative journey, and whether or not treatment is necessary or helpful. 


A speech therapist will be able to accurately assess your child’s current communicative abilities and provide professional feedback on what may or may not be beneficial as far as treatment. 


Does speech therapy work for autism?


Speech therapy can be beneficial for people with Autism. Communication skills are an essential part of everyday life, and speech therapy can help a person with autism improve their communicative abilities and come up with specific strategies that work for them. An SLP will help determine the best approach for each person individually and provide exercises, strategies, and a plan for a person with autism to achieve their communication goals. 

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