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Speech Therapy Kingston - Online Speech Services

Speech and communication challenges can be frustrating, no matter who you are. We have a team of passionate and dedicated clinicians who are here to help children and adults improve their communication. Our speech therapy services are designed specifically to each patient to ensure the greatest probability of success, every time. If you’re in need of speech therapy, we have convenient and effective online sessions available for you. 


Our Kingston speech therapists offer comprehensive assessments, and plans for each patient that are designed to be as effective as possible. We offer services for a wide range of challenges. Some of which include:

  • Aphasia

  • Motor speech delay

  • Articulation

  • Accent modification

  • Phonological delays

  • Social language

  • Voice therapy


Speech therapy can help people improve their communication to lead fulfilling lives. No matter what someone is facing, we’re able to provide a thorough assessment to come up with an understanding of how to help improve in any situation. We’re here to help you today with our effective, comfortable, and convenient online sessions.

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Children’s Online Speech Therapy in Kingston


Each child’s journey through life is different. As children, we all face life’s challenges differently, and we all learn in unique ways. That is why it is important for children to receive speech therapy that is specifically for what they are facing. Our sessions and our therapy approaches will change for each case. Based on a thorough assessment of your child’s needs, we will come up with the best approach possible. 


Using a secure online platform, our clinicians are effective with all types of speech challenges. Some of the things we help our clients with include: phonological delays, autism, language delay, cognitive communication, stuttering, and early literacy. 


With children’s speech therapy, we believe that the earlier we are able to intervene, the better a child will be in their communication journey. Children’s habits are built very quickly and they learn at a more rapid pace than that of adult’s. That’s why we focus on improving on speech challenges quickly to mitigate the amount of time needed for therapy, and to create positive speech habits sooner.

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Online Adult Speech Therapy in Kingston


Speech therapy may be necessary for adults for a wide range of reasons. We help a lot of people who have suffered from a brain injury or from an illness that has made communication more challenging. It can be frustrating to have difficulty communicating as well as you once had, and we are here to ensure that you get the direction you need.


We also help people who are hoping to improve their communicative abilities for reasons related to work, family, and social situations. It is our goal to help improve your situation no matter what the reason or the challenge you may be facing.  


Some common adult speech therapy services we provide are accent modification, cognitive communication challenges, aphasia, and much more. 


Our Ontario Registered speech therapists offer complete language assessment, therapy, and caregiver coaching in Kingston. Each session is designed specifically to help you with the improvements you’re looking to make. 

Secure Virtual Therapy In English and En Francais


Online speech therapy has become much more prevalent recently. People are more comfortable doing their sessions from home and love the convenience. We perform all of our client sessions online and cut down on the time needed for going to and from appointments. Our sessions begin on-time and we send you all the information you need to get set up with our virtual speech therapy sessions. 


Each session is safe, effective, and engaging, and tailored specifically to you. We look forward to getting to know you better and helping you improve in the areas that are most important.


Our CASLPO registered speech-language pathologists have extensive experience with all types of speech challenges and treatments. At Virtual Speech Ontario, we are licensed and registered to provide speech therapy services all across the province. 


Call us today or fill out the contact form to speak to your local speech therapist in Kingston, Ontario.

What happens during speech therapy?


During a speech therapy session, your SLP will perform a thorough assessment of the challenges you are facing. Then, we will work with you on exercises and strategies to help work toward your communication goals. We will work on your goals during our sessions, and you will have exercises that you can do at home to keep progress moving. At each appointment your therapist will observe your progress and adjust the strategies to continue to see improvements over time. 


How long do you need speech therapy?


There are a few factors that influence the amount of time that speech therapy can take. They include:

  • Age

  • Your communicative challenge

  • The severity of your challenge

  • Frequency of therapy sessions

  • Underlying health conditions


Some speech conditions take longer to improve than others. We always work with our clients to come up with the customized treatment options that will set you on the best path for progress. 


Is Speech Therapy Worth It?


Improving your speech and communication abilities can provide dramatic improvements in everyday life. Of course, some challenges are more severe than others, but anyone who is experiencing frustration as a result of a communicative challenge can benefit from speech therapy. 


Speech therapy can help with severe speech and language challenges such as those related to a stroke or developmental delay. In other cases, speech therapy may be a way to help you communicate more clearly or effectively at work, school, or in everyday life using strategies provided by your therapist. 

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